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A Metaphysical Wedding in Ojai

 ~ Meditation Mount

Alyssaphoto 7 3nd hiliteThe sun, the wind, all of the elements… were paying attention.  The officiant or shaman was blessing the ceremony site ahead of time with singing, chants,  percussion, and sage cleansing.  When it came time for John and Alyssa’s vows… they were silent.  Silent vows!   Their eyes sparkled so powerfully. A truly amazing communication spoke from their hearts.  Eagles flew overhead.  We were all transfixed in the moments.


Every bride is the shining star
on a wedding day

Ashley ~ Chanel Perfume

This bride, Ashley, stands out in a big way.  She is so care-free and happy.  You can bet the only thing on her mind is the exquisite NOW.
If you embrace your fantastic You, (even if you didn’t lose the 10 lbs and you’re not happy with your hair) the cameras will love you and the footage will turn out magical.

I made this short video because she was the perfect real-life bride for this Chanel ad.