Kristopher and Brian ~ Sunstone Winery Villa & The Santa Ynez Inn ~ Santa Barbara Wine Country


OMG! That was our reaction Brian (Husband) and I had when we received our wedding video from Susan!!!!
I never expected in a million years our wedding video would turn out to be so spectacular and special. It was like watching a short French film! We literally thought a production company had filmed our wedding after watching it. Susan, we are so happy you came into our lives. You made the process so easy and captured every moment so perfectly. We never would have thought we needed a videographer until we met you. Brian and I only wanted a photographer because we felt that is all we needed. After our wedding planner kept stressing to us the importance of a videographer, we decided to give it a shot and she directed us to Susan Metcalf, who has worked with her before on very high end weddings, now including ours! There is something so special watching a short film of the happiest day of our life. The quality of the film is like no other I have ever seen before on a wedding video. If you are looking for a videographer who is going to produce a masterpiece of a short film, please look no further then Susan Metcalf!

Sharlene & Lawrence


We spent lots of time reading reviews online to find the absolute perfect vendors and styles for our wedding. There were so many talented individuals and companies, but a few extras that Susan Metcalf videography extended were the personal touches and a level beyond great customer satisfaction. After our initial phone call with Susan, deciding to choose Susan Metcalf Videography was one of the easiest decisions we were able to make during the entire wedding planning process. Her enthusiasm, creative ideas, and the way she initiated personalized elements in preparation for our video were all the things I needed, as a bride-to-be while planning for a wedding; or in our case, a destination wedding in Maui, Hawaii. Not only did she shoot amazing footage of our wedding at Haiku Mill, but she made sure that she knew the names of our family members and wedding party. This allowed us to feel comfortable with Susan and her team; it made us feel like we were surrounded by friends and not just strangers recording a video of us. Thank you, again, Susan. We are all so grateful to you for the stunning video that captured a day that somehow looks even more beautiful than we remember!



Susan is the BEST!! She has extraordinary passion for her work and it shows. Our wedding video went somewhat viral among our guests. We received an outpouring of positive feedback in the days after we shared our highlight reel … “waterworks!” or “LOVE IT – made me feel like we were all there again!”. I was shocked, it was 17 minutes and I didn’t think anyone would take the time to watch except me. Even my husband’s seen it 6 times! I call Susan the “video ninja” because she wears all black, is rather small and can work alone. You really don’t know she’s there. Most videographers come with a crew, as their goal is to make a perfect movie. My goal was to have a perfect wedding, and then a video, maybe. If this is where you’re at – don’t regret not having it filmed. Every time I watch the film it makes me so happy. Our photographer was phenomenal, but can’t compare to the emotion that a moving picture provides. Our destination wedding in Hawaii was full of love, support and pure joy beyond my wildest imagination. The best week of our lives 🙂

Jennifer & Remington ~ Firestone Vineyard ~ Santa Barbara Wine Country


My husband and I were so thrilled we chose Susan as our videographer. She was such a professional! We had her for 8 hours and not only did she arrive early, but she stayed later so she didn’t miss out on any important events during our wedding. We got married at Firestone Vineyards in Santa Ynez and she has such an incredible eye and caught all our special moments. Our video was nothing short of perfection. We would highly recommend her to any of our family and friends!!



I must say, I can say, I have never enjoyed working with a videographer/cinematographer more.  You were such a great presence to be around, so up beat and kind.  Beyond that, I am normally tripping over video teams or they seem to be consuming every shot from the photographer.  You pretty much disappeared most of the event, popping up into my conscious only here or there with a smile.  That is incredibly rare!!  Your stealthiness was greatly appreciated!!

Thank you for taking such great care of my client!!!  I look forward to recommending you to everyone of my clients who inquire for videography services in the future!!

Kinsley and Jonathan


Wowwwwww! We are blown away by this beautiful video!!!! You are truly an artist! We laughed and we cried 🙂 thank you for doing such an amazing job!!!!

Robert and Layla


We are so happy we found Susan to film our wedding at the Terranea Resort.  She did a beautiful job and was very sensitive to our needs and wants.  She did exactly what we wanted and envisioned and did it very seamlessly.  We wanted someone to be there and capture everything but also be subtle in doing it.  Susan was a master at doing just that.  She got all the highlights but you never knew she was even there! Her final film was beautiful too! We highly recommend her.



Susan was an absolute pleasure to work with! She was waiting for me when I arrived to the location and she got right to work. She made me feel so comfortable and was so nice, it made the whole process so easy. And honestly, during the ceremony itself I never even noticed where she was! The whole day was so special, and I am so glad Susan was the one to capture it!



Having Susan capture our wedding in video has allowed us to relive that day like it was yesterday. While wedding photos are great, they can not capture the event like a video can. We were excited to see the video when it was ready, but nothing could have prepared us for how well Susan produced this video which captured the essence of our wedding day. Susan had a wonderful way of blending in… more like a guest than a videographer. We especially like how she captured all the little girls spinning around at the beach and mixed in the actual cheers from the ceremony with the music track.

Yvonne & Ed

March 2013
A masterful Achievement!

What a masterful job Susan Metcalf did as our wedding videographer. She captured the spiritual essence of the ceremony and the happy and celebratory feeling of the reception giving us exactly what we were hoping for. Susan did a superb job of editing our music to the events of the wedding giving us the sense of having been guests at our own wedding. And what a fantastic time we had!

Angela and Pavel

just married!

We were on our honeymoon in Maui and I had the best Wedding present surprise for Angela… a helicopter ride over the island!   We heard about Susan’s videos from our wedding director.  She caught all of the astonishing beauty…  things that my eyes could not believe.  I was very nervous and Angela was calm and cool which is funny to see.  We are so happy with the video because now we can share it with everyone we know… and they can see Maui from heaven too.  Thank you Susan, you are a great videographer!   We will keep it forever and show it to our kids.. one day.

Larry and Michelle


We could not have been more pleased with our wedding video. Susan captured the mood and the beauty of our private wedding in the Hilton chapel at Kona, Hawaii. After 18 years together, we will always have a perfect memory of this wonderful day whenever we share our video. We giggle every time at the clever ending. Thanks Susan!

Sylvia & Paulo


Susan Metcalf did an amazing job of shooting and editing together a very cool wedding video of our beach wedding. She managed to capture an amazing amount of moments with just one camera. She shot all during our guest arrival, ceremony, and photo session. Then she edited it into a music video style wedding video that we love. Our friends and family think the video is amazing! It’s so good people like to watch it. We are so lucky to have has Susan as part of our wedding celebration.  Even the film professionals we have show it to think the video is very well done. We would love to work with her again.



Sooo Thankful!
We were close to not having a videographer because we were over all the costs and felt that a video was something We could live without. Oh my gosh, my husband (HUSBAND!) and I are so grateful we went with Susan Metcalf. The Video captured so many moments we would have missed and the music and style made us feel like we were in our own movie. Susan is serious and thoughtful and her passion for her works shows in the wonderful video she delivered. Its something we will share with our kids in the future and that makes me so happy.
Mike and Miceala

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