Dennis Kwan Photography
My Journey

Twelve years ago I began this amazing JOURNEY of filming weddings.  I sought out the very best videographers to work with and watched tons of weddings videos… some brilliant, some not.  It turns out I was made for this profession, I absolutely love creating wedding films.

Today, engaged couples reach out all the time saying, “We love your style!”  Although it’s super nice to hear, I respect that style is an ever-changing thing that needs inspiration and fresh ideas.  I do bring a very high-end cinematic look to every wedding story and I love using a lot of slow motion.  As well, I love to capture those “unaware” behind-the-scenes moments that give your film added perspective and emotional depth.

Filming and Editing

I get very excited when I first see the footage from a wedding shoot because there is always so much mind-boggling footage that is insanely gorgeous!  Putting these parts and pieces together is where the magic begins.  I do all of my own editing because the FILMING part loves to tango with the super creative EDITING part.


There are so many rewards to filming weddings, but the soul of it is, your wedding film is a VIDEO LEGACY.  It is something you and your family will cherish watching forever… so thank heavens you are having one!



I wish my Mom and Dad had a video of their wedding day. I would have loved to have seen who they were during all those precious moments on May 28, many years ago.