Every bride is the shining star
on a wedding day

Ashley ~ Chanel Perfume

This bride, Ashley, stands out in a big way.  She is so care-free and happy.  You can bet the only thing on her mind is the exquisite NOW.  If you embrace your fantastic SELF, even if you didn’t lose the 10 lbs and you’re not happy with your hair, the cameras will love love love you and the footage will be magical.

I made this short video because she was the perfect real-life bride for this Chanel ad.

Staying present on your Wedding Day.

Take a break on your day if you need it!

epicweddingI’ve been shooting weddings for many years now and there is so much to talk about.  So I thought I’d start with this sound piece of advise that may help Grooms and Brides remember this is your wedding day.

The Day of your actual wedding is something you have planned for… for a very long time, no doubt.  One thing the two of you have not anticipated is that it will be ONE HUGE PHOTO SHOOT… and it may get to be a little daunting.  Especially for grooms I think.  There are only so many real kisses, but you will be doing it hundreds of times for the cameras.

Here is a TIP

It is your day and you can have it your way.  We will understand if you need to take a camera break.  In fact, please do.  Just say, “guys, we need a ten minute break if that’s okay”.  Even if the schedule is demanding, do it anyway.  I would.  Take a walk, reconnect with your new husband or wife and take this time to get present.  Getting in touch with your intention for the day will recharge your energy and spirit.  And it will show up in an amazing way in the footage.


~ Videography for Weddings ~